BAFCO Systems specializes in assisting small to large-sized water and wastewater utilites improve performance and increase capacity of their plants through the application of innovative systems and a wide array of consulting services. Major benefits to our clients include:


  • Improving the effluent quality of secondary clarifiers by as much as 30 percent.
  • Increasing the capacity of secondary clarifiers by as much as 40 percent with minimal capital expenditures.
  • Reducing the aeration demand on a biological system by 10 to 15 percent through full optimization of primary clarifiers.
  • Eliminitaing algea growth in clarifiers through innovative launder cover systems.
  • Eliminating odor problems through its new retractable cover system.
  • Improving flow distribution and eleminating hydraulic bottleneck in distribution channels.
  • Increasing wet weather capacity of treatment plants.




Structural Design and Analysis 


BAFCO Systems engineers performed structural analysis, desgined and retrofitted many water and wastewater structures. We use state-of-the-art structural analysis tools.  Prior experience included


  • Steel water tanks seismic design of ground and elevated structures.
  • Elevated and ground steel tanks design for slurry and water handling using AWWA standards.
  • Design of supports for conveyors, press machines, pumps and pipes.
  • Development of code provisions and study techniques and methods to strengthen pre-stressed pipes with Carbon Fiber wrap without excavation.
  • Seismic upgrade and retrofit for water Reservoirs
  • Retrofit of the reservoir tank columns using FRP for roof slabs and ductility enhancement of columns.



Forced Vortex Grit Removal System

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Analysis 


 BAFCO Systems engineers have extensive experience in applying CFD techniques to solve complex flow and hydraulic problems and identify the most cost effective baffle system to fix the problem. Prior experience includes:




  • Primary sedimentation tanks, secondary clarifiers and settlers.
  • Flow splitting structures and channel distribution systems.
  • Aearted grit removal systems.
  • Forced vortex grit removal systems.
  • Aeration tanks.
  • Chlorine contact tanks.
  • Ultra Violet chambers.
  • Pumping stations wet wells.
  • Preliminary treatment including screenings.

Product Fabrication 


BAFCO Systems is affiliated with FRP and steel manufacturing and fabrication facilities located throughout the United States.  All products are made in the United States and meet the highest quality standards. 

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