Perforated Flocculating Baffle System

The system consists of a number of interconnected perforated baffles strategically positioned inside the primary or secondary clarifier.  Parallel comparison between clarifiers with and without the baffle system was performed at a number of treatment facilities. Suspended solids capture improvement ranged between 15 to 30 percent. The system has been installed in many rectangular and circular clarifiers and is supplied with complete set of stainless steel support system and mounting hardware.  Altough, other FRP fabrictaors claim that their flocculation baffle system works well, our system is known to be the best in the industry for its durability, light weight and cost effectiveness. 


Channels - Weir Plates - Scum Baffles

BAFCO Systems produces a wide variety of FRP and stainless steel channel systems.  Our channel systems could be adopted to any process.  The systems are available in different shapes, heights and lengths.  Curved bottom channels are made of FRP and available in different thicknesses.  Channel systems are supplied with complete set of supporting cross beams, and connecting plates. 


BAFCO Systems produce s a wide variety of weir plates and scum baffle systems.  Weir plates include V-notch, rectangular or sharp-crested weirs.  They are available in different thicknesses, heights and lengths.  Weir plates are supplied with complete set of brackets, splice plates and stainless steel mounting hardware.


Scum baffle systems are also available in different sizes and supplied with complete set of supporting brackets, splice plates and stainless mounting hardware. 

Sludge Protector Canopy Baffle System

The system consists of a series of curved or straight perforated baffles protecting the sludge blanket and directing the incoming flow away from the blanket.  The system has been installed in rectangular and circular clarifiers and is supplied with complete set of stainless steel support system and mounting hardware.  References and aditional information are available upon request.


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