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Sludge Protector Canopy Baffle System

BAFCO Systems is pleased to announce that we are a supplier of the new product known as Sludge Protector Canopy Baffle System. The system is designed to protect sludge blankets and inventory in primay and secondary clarifiers leading to high sludge and low effluent concentartions.  The system is designed by a number of experts with more than 50 years of combined exprience.  Although other fabricators can supply the system, BAFCO systems utilizes its unique CFD capabilities to customize the system for each application leading to a light weight durable and cost effective system and saving utilies thousands of dollars when compared to systems supplied by other fabricators.     




Sludge Protector Canopy Baffle System to Increase Wet Weather Capacity

BAFCO Systems was recently awarded a contract to design and build a sludge protector canopy baffle system for a large wastewater utility in Hong Kong to increase the wet weather capacity by more than 25 percent.  Construction of the system was completed in December 2013.  The system has increased the wet weather capacity by more than 40 percent. 

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Sludge Protector System

We are excited to announce that we are a supplier of the new sludge protector canopy baffle system. Please read more 

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